Instant quote on your vehicle service contract

Purchasing a new car or truck instead of a used vehicle is the satisfaction of knowing that the manufacturer’s warranty will cover repair costs during the early years of the vehicle. Since auto warranty terms vary based on the manufacturer we have compiled a list below for your review.

The list includes major brand/manufacturers auto warranty. Do note that most automakers update their warranty year-to-year so our list may not be accurate for older or newer models. Please check with your manufacturer for the true scope of the auto warranty.

An auto warranty has two major components. You have your comprehensive and powertrain coverage.

Comprehensive coverage is applicable to parts and labor required to repair your vehicle. Always remember that a auto warranty typically excludes scheduled maintenance service, wear-and-tear items such as filters, brake linings and windshield wiper blades, and failure deemed to be caused by abuse or improper maintenance (oil change). Powertrain coverage applies to major mechanical components like the engine, transmission and axles, and is subject to the same exclusions.

Be aware that in a few cases, however, one or more models within a given line may come with different warranties than their showroom siblings. That’s the case with the full-size Nissan Titan pickup truck, which gets five years or 50,000 miles’ worth of comprehensive coverage, instead of a 3/36,000 limit. Where installed, Ford’s heavy-duty Power Stroke diesel engine gets separate coverage onto itself at 5/100,000. Always check with the manufacturer on your warranty terms.

Our table structure below is provided to give you a quick glance if your car/auto warranty is expired or about to expire.

Manufacture Auto Warranty Coverage Basic Warranty Coverage Powertrain Warranty Coverage Corrosion Warranty Coverage Roadside Assistance
Volkswagen 6/72,000 6/72,000 7/100,000 3/36,000
Hyundai 5/60,000 10/100,000 7/Unlimited 5/Unlimited
Genesis 5/60,000 10/100,000 7/Unlimited 5/Unlimited
Mitsubishi 5/60,000 10/100,000 7/100,000 5/Unlimited
Kia 5/60,000 10/100,000 5/100,000 5/60,000
Jaguar 5/60,000 5/60,000 6/Unlimited 5/60,000
Infiniti 4/60,000 6/70,000 7/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
Tesla 4/50,000 8/Unlimited 4/50,000
Lincoln 4/50,000 6/70,000 5/Unlimited Unlimited
Cadillac 4/50,000 6/70,000 6/Unlimited 6/70,000
Buick 4/50,000 6/70,000 6/100,000 6/70,000
Lexus 4/50,000 6/70,000 6/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
Acura 4/50,000 6/70,000 5/Unlimited 4/50,000
Audi 4/50,000 4/50,000 12/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
BMW 4/50,000 4/50,000 12/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
Mini 4/50,000 4/50,000 12/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
Fiat 4/50,000 4/50,000 5/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
Volvo 4/50,000 4/50,000 12/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
Porsche 4/50,000 4/50,000 12/Unlimited 4/50,000
Land Rover 4/50,000 4/50,000 6/Unlimited 4/50,000
Alfa Romeo 4/50,000 4/50,000 5/Unlimited 4/Unlimited
Mercedes 4/50,000 4/50,000 4/50,000 4/50,000
Smart 4/50,000 4/50,000 4/50,000 4/50,000
Chevrolet 3/36,000 5/60,000 6/100,000 5/60,000
GMC 3/36,000 5/60,000 6/100,000 5/60,000
Chrysler 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/100,000 5/100,000
Dodge 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/100,000 5/100,000
Ram 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/100,000 5/100,000
Ford 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/Unlimited 5/60,000
Jeep 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/100,000 5/60,000
Honda 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/Unlimited 3/36,000
Mazda 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/Unlimited 3/36,000
Nissan 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/Unlimited 3/36,000
Subaru 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/Unlimited 3/36,000
Toyota 3/36,000 5/60,000 5/Unlimited 2/Unlimited

DISCLAIMER: While our research is aimed to be as accurate as possible. Oftentimes Manufacturers may change their warranty coverage. It is important to review the auto warranty contract and coverage terms between you and the manufacturer (provided to you during the time of your vehicle purchase) or contact your manufacturer for your auto warranty information. Below is a basic guide to help you make an informed decision if your auto warranty is expired and if you should consider purchasing an extended auto warranty (vehicle service contract).